Do you have a birthday or special event coming up?
Whether it's for an Office Event or a birthday party, THE HIGH BAR is open 7 days a week, all year long.

Below are some FAQs before you reserve.

Thanks for submitting!

Can I reserve an event at The High BAr?

Yes! We have a suitable space for parties. However please note that business will still be running as usual. Reserve the space with us free of charge and buy your drinks from the bar or choose on of the options below. Loud music and dancing are not possible, keep in mind that we are a Bar and not a Club. 

Here are a few options for big events.

You order all specified drinks for your event in the specified period as a flat rate at a fixed price.

Option 1 -                              
5 hours = 15.00€ net per person.

Beer & Alk. Free Beers & Soft Drinks 

Option  2 -                              
5 hours = 30.00 € net per person.

All Cocktails, Beer, Red Wine,

White Wine & Soft Drinks


Option 3 -                              

5 hours = 40.00 € net per person

Beer, Red Wine, White Wine,                                                                                       

Longdrinks, Soft Drinks & Pizza of your Choice or Nachos


 ​​If you are interested in an initial offer, simply send us an email

with the following event information:


*Full Name

*Planned Date

*Type of event

*planned time and duration

*planned number of people

*which of option should be taken into account

*additional  data

* We will get in touch with you to confirm the desired date and  Option you chose.
* An Invoice will be sent to you and needs to be paid via Bank Transfer before the event (Preferably 7 days before the Event) OR you can Pay the Same Day of the Event. 
* Order at the Bar only, Table Service is not possible'


If the minimum consumption is not reached, the missing amount will be charged as table rent. The base of the booking and the service is the agreed number of persons. If there are fewer guests than reserved, this does not change the final price of the event.